For inquiry, please select either of the Vehicle Plate, T.R. Identification Number, Tax Identification Number or Illegal Pass Number information.

Illegal pass records can be viewed through our website and alternatively through the branches, ATMs and internet banking applications of QNB Finansbank and Türkiye İş Bankası.

If you cannot reach the illegal pass in the query records, it may be due to the following reasons, depending on the time of the query;

  • The respective illegal pass is in the approval process yet.
  • The respective illegal pass may have been charged from your HGS account.

We recommend you to check the illegal pass records through our website or through QNB Finansbank and Türkiye İş Bankası applications within 15 days following the unpaid passage.

When you make payment for your 1915 Çanakkale Motorway and Bridge crossings on our website, the electronic payment system (virtual POS) service offered by our contracted banks is used, and neither the personal nor the credit card information of the people who benefit from the payment service are stored by our Company in any manner.

The security of the credit/debit card used in the electronic payment system (virtual POS) is provided by SSL encryption technology.

Moreover, the transactions can be made with the 3D Secure method in the virtual POS system used on our website.

For your opinions and requests about returns and cancellations, you can call the 1915Çanakkale Motorway and Bridge Call Center on 0850 399 19 15 or you can send an e-mail to