Payment Methods

Electronic passes

  • OGS
  • HGS

Other Payment channels through toll gates

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

What are the measures to be taken to prevent the illegal pass?

  • Due attention should be given to ensure that OGS and HGS balances are sufficient in order to avoid collection problems in passing.
  • It is important that the OGS and HGS tags are fixed to the windshield in accordance with the installation instructions! tags that are held in hand or not properly fixed to the glass will cause problems during the passage.
  • The license plate of the vehicle must be clean and readable.
  • Providing OGS-HGS tag suitable for the vehicle class is of utmost importance in terms of correct pricing and collection.
  • Vehicle owners who have OGS/HGS tag and have continuous problems in passages either have problems with their tag or have insufficient balances in their accounts linked to their tag. In order to prevent this problem, vehicle owners are primarily required to top-up their account amounts or instructions to meet their usage needs by negotiating with their banks, and if the problem persists, to change the OGS or HGS tagt.
  • Do not try to enter another lane by going backwards from the lane you entered in the toll area! In such cases, you can make multiple transactions in both lanes, making several payments from your tagaccount and extending your transaction time. Do not leave the toll lane until it is your turn to process, and if necessary, pay your fee in cash and find out what your problem is by calling the Call Center after the passage.
  • The "beep" sound coming from your OGS tag only indicates that your tag has been read and does not indicate that money has been collected. If you have a functionaltagtag, even if your account does not have sufficient balance, you will hear a “beep” during the passage. However, if there is not enough balance in yourtagtag account to cover the passage, the barrier may not open because there is no charge from thetagtag account even if there is the confirmation sound.
  • 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Motorway has barriers at all toll booths. In electronic passes, only for vehicles with sufficient balance for the collection of the toll fee, instant collection can be provided and the barrier can be opened automatically. We recommend that you give your tag provider an automatic payment order so that tolls can be paid smoothly. Even if you have ordered regular balance completion for your accounts; if your order amount is below the toll, you must apply to your bank to increase these order amounts to cover tolls in order to pass with the OGS/HGS tag.
  • In cases where electronic pass collection cannot be made, you can pay with Cash /Debit Card /Credit Card from the exit toll gates. In the event that payment cannot be made for any reason, a illegal pass notification receipt (İGB) must be obtained and payment must be made within 15 days.
  • You can apply to PTT Centers or branches for your cash (prepaid) HGS tags received from PTT and order automatic payment with any existing credit card without any expense, and you can prevent your violations due to insufficient balance by getting rid of the balance loading and tracking problem.
  • You can get detailed information about your payment requests and complaints from our Call Center "0850 399 19 15".

What should I do next if I am unable to pay at the tolls for any reason?

In such a case, a Illegal Pass Notice will be issued for your vehicle. In case of an Illegal Pass, do not forget to make your payment within 15 days from the Illegal Pass Inquiry and Online Payment System on our website or through the bank channel we have contracted with in order to avoid 4 times the penalty amount in addition to the pass fee. We would like to remind you that your pass details and payment information are included in the receipt provided to you and you will be required to pay a fee of 4 times the toll plus a Notification Fee, Attorney Fee and other expenses for payments that are not made on time.

You can make your payments  for illegal passes on our corporate website at through QNB Finansbank branches, QNB Finansbank ATMs, QNB Finansbank internet banking application, QNB Mobile and Türkiye İş Bankası branches, Türkiye İş Bankası ATMs, Türkiye İş Bankası internet banking application.

Illegal Pass and Payment Methods

  • The following cases where the toll cannot be collected at the time of the passage shall be considered as ’illegal pass’.
  • Lack of OGS-HGS tag and inability to make payment by cash and credit card from the counter
  • Insufficient balance on OGS-HGS tag
  • Invalid OGS-HGS tag tag

Do not forget to pay with any of the following methods within 15 days from the date of the passage in order to avoid the charge of an additional 4 times penalty fee to the toll in case of Illegal Passes:

You can make the account available by loading a balance to OGS-HGS tagwith insufficient balance status.

You can make your payments  for illegal passes on our corporate website at through QNB Finansbank branches, QNB Finansbank ATMs and QNB Finansbank internet banking application, QNB Mobile and Türkiye İş Bankası branches, Türkiye İş Bankası ATMs, Türkiye İş Bankası internet banking application.

In the event that collection cannot be made within 15 days from the date of the Violation Pass, a penalty of 4 times the toll must be paid in addition to the toll.

In Illegal Pass inquiries, it will be beneficial to prioritize inquiry with Plate No. As it is possible to obtain TR ID/Tax ID information within 15 days after the violation, there is a possibility that the debt information is not reflected in the TR ID/Tax ID inquiries.

For detailed information, you can call our Call Center at 0 850 399 19 15.

Important Information On Toll Collection Working Principles And Illegal Pass Payments

1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Highway have a barrier system at the entrance and exit toll booths.

In the entrance and exit lane approaches, the distance with the vehicles in front should be adjusted to be at least 10m. 

The highest approach speed to the entrance and exit lanes is 20 km/h and it should continue to slow down to stand in front of the barrier for any reason within the lane. If the rules are not followed, the damages caused by the drivers in the entry and exit systems will be collected from them.

Even if the vehicle has an OGS / HGS tag, it should be foreseen that the barrier may not be opened due to the tag problem, insufficient balance, etc. and the barrier should be approached at a speed that can be stopped.
In order to buy tickets when necessary, all vehicle owners must pass close to the ticket machine at the entrance or to the toll booth at the exit in order to pay in cash.

Drivers with OGS/HGS tag who cannot make payments through OGS or HGS can make their passes by receiving Illegal Pass Notification.  No payment is received by cash, credit card or debit card at OGS/HGS counters. In these cases, they can continue without waiting in front of the counter after receiving the Illegal (Non-Payment) Pass Notification.  Illegal passes can be paid within 15 days without facing 4 times penalty in addition to the toll via our corporate website, QNB Finansbank branches, QNB Finansbank ATMs, QNB Finansbank internet banking application, QNB Mobile and Turkey İş Bank branches, Turkey İş Bank  ATMs, Turkey İş Bank internet banking application.

Remember that it is important to use a tag appropriate to the class of your vehicle. Using the wrong class of tags may cause incorrect charges.

Customers without OGS/HGS tags should use their CASH counter. It is mandatory for all CASH customers who have bought a ticket or not at the entrance to go to the CASH counter at the exit.

OGS/HGS customers who know that their balance is insufficient must use the CASH counter.

Although there is an OGS/HGS tag, drivers who buy tickets at the entrance office must use the CASH toll gate at the exit.

In the event that there is a new OGS/HGS tag account registered to the transferred vehicle or received within 15 days following the passage date, the toll will be automatically charged from this account within the penalty-free period. However, failure to make automatic collection such as OGS/HGS error, bank error, etc. will not eliminate the responsibility of the vehicle owner regarding the payment, and in such a case, no responsibility can be attributed to the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and Highway.

In order to avoid problems, please note that all your HGS and OGS accounts, including your HGS tag taken from PTT, must have a deposit account, credit deposit account or an automatic payment order given through a sufficient credit card. If necessary, renew your current instruction. The payment to be made to the OGS/HGS account may coincide with the automatic collection inquiry, so toll collection may not be possible. In order to avoid problems, do not leave the payments to the tag account to the last day.

Having only one tag registered on your vehicle, active, with sufficient balance in the account, or with automatic payment instructions will ensure a smoother passage. However, if both OGS and HGS tags are available, remember that both tag accounts must meet the above conditions. If there are more than one tag registered on the license plate of your vehicle, be sure to cancel the ones other than the one you are using.

Please do not lose your ticket. If you lose, please note that you may have to pay the longest distance fee.

The fact that all trailer plates operating depending on the tractors are registered in the system and connected to the relevant tag account will provide ease of use for you. Trailer plates are recorded by banks and PTT by creating separate virtual accounts on the plates of the trailer. In this way, your tolls that are not withdrawn from the account of the tow plates are collected from your defined sub-account of the trailer plate.

In order for motorcycle groups to pass smoothly, it is important that they enter the toll lanes in order.

The warning sound from your OGS tag only indicates that your tag has been read and does not indicate that money has been collected from your tag. If you do not have a sufficient balance, you may have to pay cash at the counter because collection from the tag account cannot be made even if you hear a warning sound.